Economic opportunities from carbon and climate.
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The Carbon Suite offer a suite of services to organisations who need to be fully briefed on the risks and opportunities associated with carbon and climate. These services include:

- Comprehensive Board and C-Suite Strategy briefings.
The Carbon Suite can fully brief your descision makers on all aspects of carbon and climate.

- Energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities.
The Carbon Suite can facilitate comprehensive assessment of the opportunities associated with improvements in enegry efficiency and the deployment of renewable energy.

- Assess your organisation's carbon footprint.
The Carbon Suite can facilitate a comprehsive carbon footprint assessment of your organisation to calculate your impact on climate and your potential exposure to carbon legislation.

- Identify exposure to extreme weather and sea level rise.
The Carbon Suite can map your organisation's exposure to hightened risk of extreme weather events and rising sea levels.

- Assess your exposure to the Carbon Bubble.
The Carbon Suite can advise funds managers and others who are exposed to the fossil fuel industry about the dangers of the recently discovered
Carbon Bubble.

- Advise on what the future is likely to hold.
The Carbon Suite can offer insights into how the future might turn with reference to climate science and policy and new opportunities in this space.

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