Economic opportunities from carbon and climate.
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Carbon Bubble

The Carbon Tracker Initiative at Davos, 2014.

Leonardo Di Caprio at the UN General Assembly, September, 2014

The Carbon Suite offer board-level briefings on the Carbon Bubble that will quickly bring your board up-to-speed on the science, policy and responses
to this complex, multi-faceted and fast-growing risk to capital markets.

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The Carbon Bubble was first identified by British think-tank, Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI), in 2011. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has also developed numbers on Carbon Bubble and found similar results.

The diagram below shows the proportion of unburnable carbon associated with global fossil fuel reserves.

International Energy Agency found a higher percentage of the world's proven fossil fuel reseves can be burnt and still meet the 2 degree target. However, this discrepency appears to be because their confidence limits of reaching the 2 degree target were 50% compared to Carbon Tracker's confidence limits of 80%.